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General Litigation

General Litigation

Anne Tait & Co Solicitors LLP are a well-known and respected solicitors, with a highly dedicated litigation team. With a strong dedication to our clients, we are regularly called upon to handle litigation issues. We represent a vast range of clients in court, including private and commercial. Litigation is the process of taking legal action. The aim is to settle a claim which is satisfactory for you the client.

We take a significant number of trials to court each year, with the emphasis on you, the client. We discuss each case with you thoroughly, preparing all necessary paperwork and documentation. Our team is highly respected in the area and have the knowledge to guide you in your case.

There are a number steps involved in taking a case to court, which can be confusing. We look after you each step of the way, giving practical advice and guidance. We explain everything to you clearly and concisely.

We look after disputes in all areas.

Legal Services

✓ Divorce
✓ Relationship Break Ups
✓ Financial Claims
✓ Domestic Violence/ Abuse

✓ Barring Orders
✓ Chid Access
✓ Maintenance
✓ Pre-Nuptial Agreements

✓ Wills/ Probate
✓ Inheritance
✓ Personal Injury*
✓ Road Traffic Accidents

Anne Tait & Co Solicitors LLP

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